The following are links to various projects completed at Denoise Studios. Many of the contracts that Denoise completed were tech-based, but there are also Super-edits of TV and Movie scenes, event highlights and reels put together for clients. I completed many of these in the time I was working on larger projects (Paradise Music Hour)

SheWorx SF Roundtable Extended

SheWorx SF Roundtable

Mathilda Apartment Tour

Mathilda Drone Sample (4K)

IMS Chemical Delivery System (Japanese Subtitles)

IMS Chemical Delivery System (English Subtitles)

State of AI Highlight

GSMA Intelligence Talk

Anritsu 5G Talk

Ruebens Meets Silicon Valley

Rusty Speaking Reel

Jean’s Retirement Party

Amber & Michael Wedding

Kristen Speaking Reel

Tuesday Lunch

Director: Diane Stark

Editor: Bogart Levesque


Cinematography Reel

Bogart Levesque



Bogart Levesque

Betty & Ray

Bogart Levesque for Resolution Care