Bogart has been working for Denoise Studios since June of last year. His primary projects were for the PBS Show “Paradise Music Hour” aka “Plugged In and Turned On in Paradise”. The show’s creator and Producer Clay Reid enlisted him to create an episode about the Saxophonist Danny Hull, a member of the band Journey as well as the Doobie Brothers. Danny wrote the original horn tracks for the the Michael Bolton cover of “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” and recorded tracks with Michael Jackson, Eddie Money and Buddy Miles.

Nearing the completion of this episode, Bogart was green-lit to create three more episodes: one about Danny Hull’s blues band called Blue Monday and two other episodes about members of Blue Monday, Keyboardist Clifford Coulter and Drummer Ron E. Beck. The remaining member of Blue Monday, Guitarist Chris Cain, who appears in all of these episodes somewhere or another already had an episode made about him.

Check out a sample below!

30 Minute Version of Episode: “Danny Hull”

“Ron E. Beck”

“Clifford Coulter”

Paradise Music Hour’s Website:

In between working on these videos, Bogart edited a variety of videos that came through Denoise’s door. Denoise got the standard fare of wedding videos, events as well as more creative projects. Bogart worked for Tubi TV, an up-and-coming streaming service. He made super-edits for them of the funniest scenes, best car chases, etc. of the Movies and TV currently on their site.

Though Bogart’s been editing for at least 8 years, this has been his favorite editing job. There was a bit of adjustment to producing content for a clients instead of himself and he had to learn to edit to the customer’s liking instead of how he would normally edit. There were a lot of techniques that were quick and practical that he picked up at Denoise, and working around other editors day-in-day-out became a highly useful resource.