You have found the portfolio for Bogart Levesque, UCSC Film School grad and a Bay Area Based Video Editor,  Animator and Filmmaker with over 6 years of professional experience.

Bogart is motivated by a challenge and enjoys researching and developing new skills when he is not enjoying hikes or other outdoor adventures. He is constantly adding new programs and plug-ins to his repertoire and is fluent with: Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Lightroom, and Blender.

2020 Reel:

Resume: Here.

Animation InstagramHere

A sampling of most recent work:

Project 1: Mid Century Modern (2020)

Recent work using Blender and and Premiere to create a short animation of a Mid Century Modern home and furnishing. Every detail from the table and chairs inside the home to the blades of grass in the home where created by Bogart.

Below the animation are two other chair projects created in Blender.

GifModernHome2LC2CreamAnd BlackV2 2TulipChair1

Project 2: Above the Lake (2020)

Recent edit, shot on GoPro Hero8 at Lake Tahoe and edited in Premiere:


To view samples of Bogart’s professional work look Here (Denoise) and Here (Tuesday Lunch)