Bogart was hired last week as Lead Set Builder for Serena & Lily! He will continue to work for Walmart as Set Builder as well as other freelancing opportunities. Below are some process and behind-the-scenes photos from various photography productions. These are probably the best examples of his work in the photography world.

This was a great set to build, more intricate and elevated than what we usually go with. Making the Moroccan tile for the wall was an utter pain but ultimately worth it!

We usually don’t have to worry about making a roof but in this instance, we did. It’s a little complicated to put together but as long as you support both sides of the cross beam with a wall or jack tree, it’s fairly straightforward.

Changing from one kitchen set over to another one. Notice the different cabinet faces, different tiling and fitting a new countertop in.

This was a job for Their warehouse wasn’t being used efficiently so we double-stacked the steel racks, bolting them into the wall of course and created way more space for them!

Here’s a children’s room we made for Walmart, meant to be an A-Frame shot. This wasn’t particularly complicated to tilt the wall forward but requires extra framing of course. Included is Chris Wade, lead set builder and a great friend!

Sometimes you just have to wallpaper for 4 days straight :/